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    Let us introduce you our company UAB „Metesta“, which has been providing non-destructive testing (NDT) services in the energy, oil, chemical, logistics and construction sectors in Europe and beyond since 2004.
    The company carries out work in the production of metal products and pressure vessels, as well as in construction projects, also during the maintenance of oil, chemical plants or power plants.
    We are happy to offer professional, timely services, an experienced and flexible team, our attractive pricing – which will allow you to become competitive and unquestionably satisfied with our services.


    We work to ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment our customers manufacture and operate. We do not aim to be the biggest, but we strive for continuous growth and versatile improvement not only in the Lithuanian market, but also in foreign markets. We do not aim to offer the lowest prices, we aim to perform the work in a high-quality, timely manner.

    We aim to be the most attractive and the best company in the field of non-destructive testing, with whom it is a pleasure to work for customers and for company‘s own employees.


    To be an impartial accredited laboratory at the level of other European countries, and to implement technological solutions to meet the world’s best practices with a competitive advantage.

    Our vision is continuous improvement and to stay one foot in front in order to meet the customer’s confidence and quality requirements.



    visual testing


    radiographic testing


    ultrasonic testing


    magnetic particle testing


    penetrant testing


    leak testing


    Non – destructive testing


    Positive Material Identification


    Post Weld Heat Treatment Service

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    The geography of the works include the northern countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland, the southern Bulgaria – and the western Benelux countries. Farthest projects were performed at the Martinique and La Réunion.

    AB ORLEN Lietuva

    OIL AND GAS | 2017

    Gas pipeline connection

    GAS PIPELINES | 2020

    Wind farm diagnostics

    CLEAN ENERGY | 2021

    Beitstadsund bridge


    HSE Shutdown EGE

    POWER | 2015

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